What is the higher the fuel consumption? The original is the trouble of these accessories!

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What is the higher the fuel consumption? The original is the trouble of these accessories!

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Many car owners have this feeling, the car to open the longer, more and more skilled technology, but the fuel consumption is getting higher and higher! why? Is the higher the car age the greater the fuel consumption? In fact, the fuel age and fuel consumption is not necessarily linked. As long as some parts of the maintenance and replacement, fuel consumption will naturally drop!

Always check tire pressure and tire wear

Tire pressure is too low, will increase the friction between the tire and the ground, the resistance becomes larger, fuel consumption will rise. Driving found in the car's sliding distance was significantly reduced, it should check whether the tire pressure is in line with air pressure standards.

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Normal tire pressure in about 2.5bar, the summer may be appropriate to reduce 0.1bar. Also remember to check the degree of tire wear, if the tire wear serious, it will often slip phenomenon, the same fuel consumption will increase.

Clean up the carbon
Excessive carbon deposition will make the inlet pipe wall becomes rough, affecting the intake effect and the quality of the mixture, so that the fuel consumption rises sharply. It is recommended to clean up carbon deposition every six months.

Replace the oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor is located on the engine exhaust pipe and is used to detect and control the ratio of oxygen to fuel. After a long time, the electronic fuel injection system of the computer can not get the oxygen concentration of the exhaust pipe information, the concentration of the mixture within the engine is often high, the same fuel consumption will increase. So to regularly check the status of oxygen sensors, usually 8-11 million km when you need to replace.

Regular replacement of spark plugs
The role of the spark plug is to use high voltage electric spark ignition mixture. If the damage will make the ignition energy drop, the mixture combustion is not uniform, resulting in slower car speed, fuel consumption rise.

Replace the battery regularly

The battery controls the car circuit, and the circuit is closely related to the oil circuit. Because the general battery life of 2-3 years will produce loss of power phenomenon, resulting in insufficient starting voltage, the motor drive engine power, so that the ignition energy becomes low, fuel consumption soared. So do not think that the battery is not bad can continue to use, in order to reduce fuel consumption must be regularly replaced battery.

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