What is the use of the triangular window on the car?

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What is the use of the triangular window on the car?

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First understand the lower triangular window which style:

Front (A pillar) Small triangular window

Although this design has some help to the visibility, but it seems that there are two A-pillar of the visual effects in essence and not much help, but will increase the A-pillar welding difficulties, so this is not common.

Small rear window on the back door

This post-triangular window between the sheet metal and glass mud tank between the phenomenon of prone to the upper and lower string hole, will increase the noise inside the car is also easy to leak.

Small triangular windows behind the car

For structural strength reasons, some models C column actually no triangular window exists space, but the designers for the so-called aesthetic, or will design a triangular window does not exist, see the tea brother embarrassment have committed.

Read so many triangular windows, is not very muddy, tea brother first time to see the mood and everyone, then so many kinds of triangular windows in the car are from what role?

Front Triangle Window:

To avoid the front windshield excessive tilt brought side of the blind area, you can increase the driver's vision. At the same time the front door triangular window can meet the requirements of the glass hoist rail, rail and B column glass guide need to keep parallel.

Rear triangular windows

1. installed on the back door: generally used in the installation of the seal in the glass, mainly from the aesthetic design point of view, make the vehicle shape looks more beautiful; the other can also be appropriate to reduce the rear window Difficulty, the size of the glass is divided by a triangular window, so that the glass will be more stable when the lift.

Many cars are short axis in foreign countries, into China will become an extension after the version, car prices in the Chinese market must learn to do as the Romans do. So in order to get the rear of the larger space and the so-called "triangular window of the transparent vision", some models will be for market demand, cancel the original rear triangular window of the body column, the triangular window into the door, width. This triangular window in the door looks more atmospheric, but in fact the change C column structure is still very risky. By the triangular window column and the rear of the body together constitute the triangular support structure, into a separate C column structure, will reduce the overall stiffness and strength to a certain extent. from China brake padmanufacturer.

2. mounted on the C pillar: This rear fixed triangular window, mainly play a beautiful role, but also increase the rear seat of the lighting and to meet the occupant's vision needs.

3. Most importantly, there is no space below all triangular windows to allow the glass to sink.

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