Do not Filling oil directly when install the filter ! otherwise wait for changing the injector!

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Do not Filling oil directly when install the filter ! otherwise wait for changing the injector!

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If the diesel and lubricants compared to human blood, the filter is equivalent to the human kidney. Since it is equal to the kidney, that importance is certainly self-evident, its working state is directly related to the engine performance and life. Although people know more and more for the filter, we all know that poor filter can easily destroy the expensive injector, but do not know the wrong installation The process is equally dangerous.

      There may be a friend said: "Yes, the replacement process is very simple, but many people in this simple process committed a difficult to save the error." What is wrong with that? That is, before the filter is installed, the inside of the filter is filled with oil.

       The practice of filling the inside of the filter before the installation of the oil is very common, whether it is Fuel filter or oil filter most people will do so. In fact, oil filter installed before filling the oil can also understand the practice, because the new oil cleanliness is better, and the oil filter can not manually exhaust, filling the oil can reduce the oil to reach the lubrication of the time, Protect the engine. But the Fuel filter if you still use this approach to operate, it will play the opposite role.

        The method of removing oil by means of the filter in advance is very long in history and can be traced back to the time when the diesel engine has been popularized. At that time the diesel engine almost all use mechanical pump fuel injection system, the cleanliness of its own fuel requirements are not very high, coupled with hand pump displacement is small, poor reliability, resulting in the replacement of the filter after the exhaust is very difficult, so At that time people have invented this kind of advanced irrigation and exhaust ventilation alternative. Have to admit that this method is really very effective.

        Since the engine has entered the common rail era, the fuel system, especially the injector has become very sophisticated, a little bit of impurities may cause expensive injector scrapped, but then many people replace the filter method also Continue to use before the irrigation method, resulting in unfiltered diesel directly into the filter cavity, if the diesel oil contains particles at this time, will directly cause damage to the injector wear.

        The correct replacement method is to first remove the old filter, and then directly to the new filter installed on the filter base, and then loosen the base or oil pump on the bleed bolt, press the hand pump exhaust, until the The new filter is filled and no bubbles are present on the exhaust bolts. As the current filter inside the filter area is larger, the capacity is also larger, the exhaust process may be slower, do not be afraid of trouble, press the hand pump several times.

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